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Accomodation and Booking: We own apartments of different sizes and number of rooms. Nearly all rooms are prepared with 2 beds and individual bathroom. Depending of the number of your group we give you a suitable apartment. Single Members of the Sun & Fly - Group or one person of groups with a odd number of people, normally would share a twin bedroom with another member of our Sun & Fly - Group. We also have 2 bedrooms with 3 beds. One in the Apartment Ap. 1b (sleeps 8 - 9) and in Ap. 2 (sleeps 7 - 8). There is also the possibility, to book a Single Room for a supplement of per night. Please state exactly the number of rooms you need in total. Additionally we need you to indicate how many of the rooms should expicitly be single rooms. If you, as a single participant, want to share a twin bedroom with another participant, please indicate number of rooms: "1" and single rooms: "0" If you are not sure, just fill in a comment.

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Sun&Fly Package

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using the Ganterfly-Airport-Shuttle-Service by persons.
If not possible, please choose between the alternatives:
Transfer to Algodonales only with the Ganterfly-Shuttle Ganterfly-Shuttle (min. 4 persons)
Ganterfly-Shuttle prefered, if not possible single transfer² (additional charge) ³
Ganterfly-Shuttle prefered, if not possible I will arrive self-acting (rental car, bus, etc.)²
self-acting arrival (rental car, bus, etc.)²
if the Ganterfly-Shuttle is impossible, please give me another date where I can use the Ganterfly-Shuttle
persons using the Ganterfly-Shuttle-Service.
persons using the single transfer² (additional charge) ³
Persons arrive self-acting.² (rental car, Bus etc.)

persons with single airport pickup²³ or persons arrive by themselves² (rental car, bus, lift etc.)
Arrival-Airport:   Malaga      Sevilla       Jerez de la Frontera
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The Ganterfly-Shuttle-Service: At least 4 persons can use our ganterfly-airport-shuttle-service, less than 4 persons may order our single airport pickup²³ at the additional cost of or perform a personal arrival² from the airport to Algodonales with a rental car, taxi, bus, etc.


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